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Today, Designer Sneakers can simply not be dispensed with, not in the world of youth, or in schools and universities, and neither in female shoe cabinets: Sporty footwear pieces stand harmoniously side by side with high heels and flip flops, not to speak of pumps and ankle boots. “What exactly are sneakers?” our grandparents may perhaps ask, and then, on seeing the fashionable laced-up footwear, they will probably say: “Oh, you mean training shoes!” And in fact, our beloved Designer Sneakers are actually nothing else than a recreational form of sports shoes. But who speaks today about sports shoes to be worn for leisure? Nobody! Sneakers has become such a common word, that everybody uses it. And that's a good thing, isn't it? Would you like to enjoy your sneakers still today?

Designer Sneakers: laced with chic and styled exclusively

There are Designer Sneakers made of linen, cotton or leather. Typical distinguishing feature of sneakers: long laces that defy modern designers to create ever more amazing creations in many colours and kinds of laces. Often they are used less for tying up the shoes than as a form of chic styling. From the glossy noble sneakers by the fashion label Tom to the canvas sneakers by STUDSWAR in snake look: such is the width of our range. At Knocknok we consider it important to present you the absolute highlights of the season. Our Designer Sneakers are often painstakingly made by hand and every pair has a little something unique.

Sneakers are everyday all-rounders

Yes, our Designer Sneakers are all-round casual shoes, even if they look a little like sports shoes. They are not made to win a sprint medal at the Olympics, but in any case, they can deal with a sporting walk just as well as with a shopping marathon. And if your sneakers are equipped with the typical flat sole, that still doesn't mean that you have to give up healthy locomotion: Many of our sneakers come equipped with interchangeable soles with a footbed. You believe you've read enough now and want to go and buy your Designer Sneakers online? Well then, put your sneakers on, ready, go!


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