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Alice & Trixie

Buy Alice & Trixie blouse or tunic online: High quality silk blouses and tunics with unusual prints

Are you looking for high-quality blouses and tunics made of high quality silk with fine exclusive prints? Then you will find it in the online store of Knocknok Fashion. In this designer category you can buy exquisite and unusual Alice & Trixie blouses and tunics. Modern designs emphasize the silhouettes and the perfect mixed brilliant colors in retro chic pattern make every blouse and tunic an absolute highlight. Great attention is placed on the fabrics quality, usually made of thick silk. From exquisite fabrics made with dazzling patterns, Alice & Trixie tunics and blouses are versatile, playful and always chic. If you wear the designer blouses and tunics of Alice & Trixie you feel feminine, sexy and confident.

Alice & Trixie blouses and dresses inspired by the style icons long ago

Based on the heroines of the 1950s sitcom the collections of Alice & Trixie bribe by brilliant colors and unique vivid expressions. Due to the unusual silhouettes, the garments get a bohemian glamor. The colors are usually chosen from the Pantone color palette, bright sunshine Yellow, neon pink with jade green and cool, refreshing shades of purple and turquoise. This makes the brilliant print of the materials.The designs of the collections of Alice & Trixie are no seasons, and be worn all year round. The versatile cuts of blouses and dresses are playful but chic. Whether for a walk on the beach, walking along 5th Avenue or hostess a party. With these clothes you exude self-confidence and happiness.

Exclusive designer blouses and tunics from New York: The story behind Alice & Trixie

The label Alice & Trixie is on the American fashion market since 1997. The designer behind Alice & Trixie is the New Yorker Angela Taylor George. Angela gets the inspiration of their designs through exploring vintage shops, from style icons from the past and her passion for art. Modern designs emphasize silhouettes and perfect mix bright colors with retro chic pattern. Your undeniably inspired aesthetics Alice & Trixie has achieved a loyal following of international trendsetters and celebrities. She designs for the woman which is feminine, chic, sexy, and above all self-conscious.








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