Bands of L.A.

Bands of L.A.


Looking for high quality woven belts and slinkys from Los Angeles? Then you will find it in the online store of Knocknok Fashion. In this category you can buy gorgeous belts and hair ties in great colors of designer brand Bands of L.A.. The belts of the brand Bands of L.A. are woven from high quality yarn in great colors. The identification of each of the belt is a red woven thread. The hair ties (Slinkys) are usually colored neon and are also often worn as bracelets.

Bands of L.A. belts and hair ties reflect the lifestyle of California

The belt-collection of the brand Bands of L.A. reflect the free-spirited bohemian lifestyle of the West coast of California. In a symbolic sense, it should be a band that holds free spirits together. The belts are wonderful to wear in jeans. Tie together and finished is the casual style. Very nice to see the bands, even through a casual cardigan.

Exclusive designer belts from L.A.: The story behind Bands of L.A.

The story is as simple as life on the west coast of California. There is a band which holds free spirits together. The wearing of the belt is a rebellious thing. The idea of the bands is to capture the spirit of L.A.. Creativity reigns in the city in which the ideas are born of adventures. Bands of L.A. have a mission: They symbolize the spirit of freedom and their message to never give up their own dreams It's a band, it's a lifestyle, it's a feeling! FEEL IT!






Bands of L.A handwoven cotton belts with the spirit of California Westcoast 

The story is as easy as life on the westcoast of california. It's a band free spirits keeping it's together. Wearing the band is a rebellious thing.The idea of the band is to keep the brain of LA. Creativity rules in the city where ideas are born from adventure. Bands of La have a mission they tie up the spirit of freedom and they will say never give up your dreams.

It's a band, it's a lifestyle, it's a feeling - FEEL IT!


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