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Bazar Deluxe

Bazar Deluxe ethno blazer and jackets with tribal details

Bazar de Luxe - Tradition meets modernity in the fashion industry

Bazar Deluxe is a member of the Visconf group, founded in 1948 by the Violanti family. Visconf is a world-renowned company that specialises in the crafting of jackets of the highest quality, both short and long, and is recognised as a symbol of superior garment making. The combination of skilled craftsmen and excellent materials, such as fur and leather, has seen Visconf rise to be a market leader in the Italian fashion industry.

Fashion-conscious pieces defined by quality

Bazar Deluxe is often referred to as a “house of craftsmen”, and this can be seen in the outstanding attention to detail evident in every garment. The in-house team at Bazar Deluxe understands that true fashion is characterised by individuality, and not mass produced as a commodity and, with this in mind, the clothing designs at Bazar Deluxe are defined by traditional tailoring. Inspiration, in the company’s past and present, comes from traditional tapestries, floral embroidery and leather. These are artistic influences that can be appreciated in all their products  by both sight and touch.

The recipe for success - Dedication, discipline, and experience

The Bazar Deluxe brand creates the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs, including adaptations that are specifically created to fit countries and cultures across the globe. Their renowned collections consist of garments created for today’s sophisticated and sensual woman, and do not compromising on modern fashion sense. In addition, the collections also take into consideration seasonal changes, utilising leather and fleece in winter, and decorative materials of the finest cotton and linen in summer. This is globally recognised quality that customers have relied on for almost 70 years. So what is the secret to the Violanti brand’s success? Simple: dedication and discipline, coupled with years of experience and topped with a dash of culture, all combine to create one complete entity.





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