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Brasi & Brasi

Brasi & Brasi your trend label for cosmopolitan fashion and accessoires

The renowned fashion label of brasi&brasi is well known for offering glitzy, trend-oriented and unmistakably glamorous fashion, including an extensive range of complete outfits, gifts, and accessories such as shoes, belts and bags. In creating their unique garments, the brand has successfully blended jet-setting designs with modern fashion trends and colours, managing to appeal to a target market which transcends limits such as age.

The funky brasi&brasi fashion label was founded in 2004 by best friends and sisters-in-law Maxi Kysely and Sabrina Nier. The two currently reside in Munich, but their first steps into the fashion world were inspired by Sabrina’s many years in Brazil. This Brazilian inspiration was poured into their accessories and jewellery designs, giving rise to their nickname of ‘The Brazilian Girls’, and hence brasi&brasi.

For confident, cosmopolitan and independent fashion

Sparkling bags, colourful ultra-lightweight down jackets, fine seidentuniken (silk tunics) with exceptional custom prints, modern fashion jewellery, and a full range of unique accessories – brasi&brasi knows no boundaries in the variety of products they offer. Each item is inspired by the global travels of its designers, resulting in refreshingly colourful collections, complemented by surprising highlights. Many of the unique jewellery pieces are handmade, and each unique brasi&brasi ‘miracle’ gift bag, a hallmark of the label, features original illustrations; the founders’ special touch for their gifting catalogue.

The demand for the label is global, with numerous dealer clients in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The products are likewise sought after by the likes of Sat.1 and RTL, as well as many celebrities who can be seen wearing brasi&brasi garments regularly at glamorous occasions. Such success can be attributed to the social commitment and individuality that are a focus of the designers, combined with their careful production process, which follows the highest standards of quality.