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Charme Di Capri

Charme di Capri knitted the cardigans and sweater with Loro Piana cashmere wool

The small and exquisite Charme di Capri is a high quality, reputable fashion brand, recognised for its breathtaking range created exclusively with Italian Loro Piana cashmere wool. Collections include items such as cosy sweaters and capes, which are notable for their attention to detail in distinctive decorative hand-stitched embroidery, personally attached labels, and unique buttons showing striking individual character.

The cashmere wool used in Charme di Capri garments is of a soft and fine natural fibre, derived from the fur of the native Kashmir goat. This extremely precious wool has been in use for over three thousand years and forms a cornerstone of the Charme di Capri collection of garments, placing them up among the most luxurious fashion items available today.

Incomparable quality and the finest cashmere wool from Loro Piana

After careful production, Charme di Capri cashmere is washed in Loro Piana’s special machines, giving their lavish products a finishing touch that guarantees a distinctive top-product feel. Later, after being correctly treated, the cashmere wool is ready to be transformed into garments.

The Italian Charme di Capri was founded and headquartered in Quarona in 1924, and quickly became prominent for delivering garments of an excellent quality. The company specialised in the production of fine yarns and wool fabrics from the outset and, in the 90s, it produced a line of clothing, leather goods and accessories suitable for the whole family. This range was distributed internationally via various networks of boutiques. Since 2013, the French luxury goods manufacturer of LVMH has been involved in the acclaimed brand, creating a new era of quality goods for both the company and the modern fashion industry.

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