Essentiel Antwerp

Essentiel Antwerp

Buy online Essentiel Antwerp fashion: High-quality fancy dresses, blouses, sweaters, bags and fun accessories

Essentiel Antwerp is the right designer if you are looking for high-quality, exclusive dresses, blouses, jumpers, bags and accessories with special prints or details. You will find them all in the online store of Knocknok Fashion. In this category you can buy gorgeous designer Essentiel Antwerp fashion and accessories. Not only the high-quality materials distinguish Essentiel Antwerp, no, also the unusual cuts and great prints of clothes. Essentiel Antwerp embodies refreshing luxury fashion and is known for its graphic and floral prints and the trendy mixtures of colors.

The fashion of Essentiel Antwerp makes the world more colorful

The dresses, blouses, sweaters, skirts and accessories of Essentiel are not boring designed, but all have that certain something. Either through the cut, or the prints. The accessories made sure sassy, unusual eye-catcher is to design and produce. If you have bought a part of Essentiel Antwerp,it is addictive and you simply need more and more. ESSENTIEL ANTWERP / synonym for "fun in fashion". The Belgian label Essentiel Antwerp update your wardrobe. Look again at the latest collections and complete your collection of t-shirts, dresses and various other fashion products with slogan prints and color pop styles.

Exclusive women's fashion from Belgium: The story behind Essentiel Antwerp

The two designer of Essentiel Antwerp began in 1999 with a shirt collection. The offering consisted of four models in twenty different colors, essential basic garments that are necessary in any wardrobe. The apartment of the young couple served as an exhibition space and the shirts sold like hot cakes. After a year, the two opened their first store in Antwerp. Four years later came knitwear, jackets, dresses, shirts and trousers added in trendy colors, new materials and a whole new range of accessories.

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