Faux Fur Jackets

Designer Faux Fur: Looks real, but is artificial

Long gone are those times when the Designer Faux Fur was only regarded as a copy of the original “animal fur”. Today, coats and jackets made of Designer Faux Fur are an entirely separate category of their own. Those who acquire one of these wonderful garments don’t do so because they can’t afford real fur, but because they deliberately choose products made from faux fur. This second skin has not been worn previously as a first skin by any animal. Can faux fur keep up as a status object? That’s difficult to say, but who actually needs a fur coat to represent themselves? Our Designer Faux Fur coats speak for themselves with confidence and chic, and at Knocknok we are happy to pass this chic on to you!

Warm through the winter in a  Designer Faux Fur

To feel warm in winter in a Designer Faux Fur is something we all love. Nicely cuddly and protected from wind, weather and drizzle, and at the same time warming and great eye-catchers, our jackets and coats made from Designer Faux Fur will be your constant companions during the cool season. The advantage of faux fur compared to animal skin products: fibers and hairs remain the unaffected even in bad weather, storms and rain, just as they should be. They are stable and make you feel beautiful in any situation. In addition, Designer Faux Fur products are usually much lighter than those heavy natural fur coats, yet windproof and breathing.

Designer Faux Fur jackets go with everything

During the day you will always be dressed fashionably in your Designer Faux Fur, no matter what you are wearing underneath, whether jeans, a miniskirt with leggings or the office outfit. Faux fur coats and jackets combine with high-heeled boots, as well as thick winter boots, sneakers or pumps. You don’t want them to be plain and drab? Well wonderful, because then our Designer Faux Fur garments are just the thing for you, as boredom is something we don’t tolerate at Knocknok! Fashion labels such as Unreal Fur or De’Hart show how chic fashion products made of Designer Faux Fur can be, working with contrasting cuffs or collar, with attractive print patterns or with variations in closures or necklines.

Guaranteed not shelf warmers!

And because our Designer Faux Furs are not intended to simulate a natural fur, but to be quality-crafted creations designed by trendy fashion designers that are in high demand, we can only advise: If you like a Designer Faux Fur from our store, then grab it, because tomorrow it might be gone!


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