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Guglielminotti shirts are made by high-quality materials like egyptian cotton or finely spun silk fabrics

The reputable fashion company of Guglielminotti was founded in Milan, the city of hidden beauty. It began with a small store that, over the years, has become a great company and worldwide symbol for Italian style. The brand unites the dream of fashion with the reality of a successful business, and solid traditions with the future of design. 

The Guglielminotti vision focuses on the premium manufacturing of unique shirts, which satisfy the demands of fashion conscious ladies and gentlemen for style and elegance. Guglielminotti’s ladieswear is refined and modest while remaining feminine and versatile. Menswear features modern pieces with exquisite details sometimes only distinguishable on close inspection. All materials are of a superior quality, and are from names such as David and John Anderson, Thomas Mason, and Albini, making shirts exceptionally light and silky.

Italian tradition united with innovative design

Guglielminotti is a master of fashion innovation but also retains a passion for the artistry of traditional tailoring. Each item is considered valuable, with production being supervised from beginning to end to ensure that the high standards that have been passed on from one generation to the next are upheld. The perfection of the sewing, lightness of the fabrics, and overall ergonomics of the product, define these shirts and blouses. The finishes on the seams, shoulders, collar and buttons are done by hand and give the shirts their exceptional fit and unique identity.


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