Gypsetters - not just fashion, a way of life

In 2011, Gypsetters was officially founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, offering a unique but, at the time, small selection of fashion and accessories. The most outstanding items in their collection were bags and jewellery, all handmade and notable for their quality. This helped propel the company to new heights. Today Gypsetters has carved out a name in the fashion world, and offers its customers a wide range of stylish summer and winter collections, consisting of timeless and unique garments that are sure to turn heads.

Gypsetters combines a carefree lifestyle with the modern motley crowd, thus creating a perfect blend of bohemian lifestyle and luxury. The fashion is striking and exudes joie de vivre, drawing from fascinating and unique cultures, people, and places, all of which are reflected in each individual product. The result is a combination of contemporary fashion and cultural inspiration coming together to create a special style that should exist in every wardrobe. The Rotterdam design team are international globetrotters on the cutting edge of fashion, searching the world for new ideas, and bringing them home to drive their ever-expanding selection of fashion even further.

Select materials for an exceptional collection

Gypsetters uses authentic, traditional hand-processed materials which, when combined with unique fashion ideas, create garments that can be enjoyed for many years. Materials include high quality leather, Mongolian lamb fur, and other natural fabrics. In this way each garment and accessory found in the Gypsetters collection is unique and tells its own story, inspired by a carefree lifestyle that abstains from the mainstream and instead embraces a love for life, nature, and the exotic.

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