Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky

Buy Hanky Panky panties and camisole online: Premium panties and undershirts made of very soft lace

You are looking for high quality underwear made of very soft stretch lace? Then you will find it in the online store of Knocknok Fashion. In this category you can buy gorgeous designer hanky panky underwear like panties and undershirts made of lace fabric. The underwear of Hanky Panky distinguishes the great soft tip and the variety of colors. In this lingerie you will make feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. The thong in the roll package have now become established as a true classic. There are the little darlings for every figure and every preference

Hanky Panky underwear is elegant and sexy at the same time

The design of this Hanky Panky underwear is so versatile that it can be worn on many occasions. For every day you find comfortable and durable pants and undershirt that do not pinch for long-lasting or leave signs of wear; the lace makes the underwear for the private Hour interesting because here you can guess what is hiding behind the pretty packaging. The slip is made of high quality cotton and nylon, which makes it especially skin-friendly. For a comfortable fit at step pants a cotton liner provides. This is certainly sewn and fits the color scheme of the panties. For a secure fit on the hips, the expandable lace provides. This sets in a wider collar around the body and is visually separated from the slip. Even radical underwear is with this slip a thing of the past, he is lying flat on the skin and adapts to your body shape. In combination with the great workman ship you are here for a garment on which will last a lifetime.

Exclusive underwear from New York: The Story behind Hanky Panky

Since the late 70's the super-soft Hanky Panky lace underwear is ago in New York and since then enjoys many women. Founded by design duo Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck in 1977 in Manhattan, Hanky Panky has been famous for its brilliant blend of comfort and style. Even after repeated washing, the products of Hanky panky not lose its elasticity and softness. Even today, the underwear is produced and stored in New York and is ready for shipping out worldwide. 

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