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Juliet Dunn

Buy Juliet Dunn tunic online: High quality embroidered tunics of silk and cotton

You are looking for high quality and exclusive tunics in cotton and silk with embroidery? Then you will find it in the online store of Knocknok Fashion. In this designer category you can buy gorgeous designer tunics of Juliet Dunn. In addition to the rich fabrics and hand-embroidered fine ornaments the tunics also beautiful in failed section. Pick from a variety of styles and colors from the appropriate Juliet Dunn Tunic: This extravagant tunics give you a hint of high fashion style.

Juliet Dunn tunics are embroidered by hand and are unique in design

The entire range of clothing by Juliet Dunn is made by hand. The styles of tunics are flamboyant and eccentric with a touch of exotic. Each piece is hand-embroidered. The fabrics such as cotton and silk are from Rajasthan, Lucknow and other Indian provinces - Juliet Dunn impresses with their styles this season with pastel colors like light-blue- turquoise and bright colors like neon pink and neon yellow. In part,there are hand embroidered beads and sequins. Every piece of the collection is one of a kind. East meets West with Juliet Dunn: The luxury resort and beachwear brand that is known for its bohemian chic.

Exclusive designer tunics from London: The story behind the Juliet Dunn tunics

The London-based designer Juliet Dunn began designing in the 1970s. The latest styles of beach tunics and dresses began in 2000. Juliet was inspired by the colors and fabrics of India. Meanwhile, she is also called the "Kaftan Queen". Every year she comes of their unconventional version to design tunics with intricate embroidery and to produce exotic prints and bright colors. Her daughter Elodie Loudon is at the head of the family business for a few years. Juliet Dunn is also inspired by women, sun, travel and colors. The woman which wears Juliet Dunn is ageless and wears her clothes according to their own natural spontaneity and femininity. Whether on the beach in Phuket at the BBQ or lunch at Club 55 in St. Tropez or after work in the city. The clothes of Juliet Dunn give each carrier a glamorous summer style.

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