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Leon & Harper

Leon & Harper buy online t-shirt, dress, sweater, cardigan: High fashion with embroidery and quirky prints

You are looking for exclusive t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and jackets? Then you will find it in the online shop of Knocknok Fashion. In this category you can buy beautiful designer clothing of Leon & Harper. The t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and jackets are dyed, prewashed and embroidered by hand or printed by guide with a machine. Leon & Harper emphasizes superior product processing. The t-shirts are often decorated with small embroidery details of pearls. The sweatshirts have been great embroidered embroidery, or great ornaments were punched from the material and turn up by hand.

Leon & Harper clothing are made with attention to detail

Leon & Harper appeals to the new generation of woman of today who is bold, full of talent and free spirit. The woman who does not give in any fashion diktats but is living their own fashion style. Far away from the mainstream. Leon & Harper has enlightened fashion for women which do not break the rules, but also did not comply with the standard. These women decide by therselve when they want to seduce. These women play, but do not cheat. They are truly and no duplicates. The Leon & Harper clothing is feminine with an edgy twist.

Exclusive Fashion from Paris: The History of the uniqueness

Designer Philippe Corbin takes inspiration for the design of Leon & Harper from design, art, music and travelling. He is a free spirit and he loves fashion which is unique. He hates duplicate fashion and mainstream. The prints of Leon & Harper are unique. The embroidery is worked by hand. Before processing the substances would be washed with tennis-balls to become the washed out look and until the desired color effect exists. For this reason the sweatshirts, tops, tunics, dresses and pants are unique and colorful.