Buy now online Manipuri silk scarf bandana: Premium Manipuri silk scarves with vintage prints in great colors

In our online shop you can buy the exclusive bandanas scarves of Manipuri. Bruce Springsteen wore it on his arm, Axl Rose of Guns N 'Roses at the head. Manipuri bandanas are beautiful and made by hand by using fine yet thick Japanese silk.The designers of Manipuri can merge skillfully vintage designs with today's fashion. While wearing a Manipuri silk scarf you will embody subtle elegance. Decadent, sophisticated yet irresistibly portable, Manipuri scarves are perfect either together with jeans and a tee, customized workwear or evening ensemble that exudes elegance and grace.

The Manipuri silk bandana is back

Discover our Manipuri bandana collection of understated luxury. Some of us had the bandana hanging somewhere before. A bandana, grunge basic equipment of the nineties and It-Piece of the year. The legendary scarf is making a comeback. At the big designers the models wear fluttering dresses and tops in typical paisley pattern on the runway. For other great designers, the models contributed bandanas to grey sweaters. Advanced bind the silk scarves of Manipuri around wrist or ankle, or make a belt with it. Some wrap the handle of the designer bag with it. The imagination knows no boundaries. Blogger Leandra Medine has recently posted a how-to-style-a-bandana-Video.

Where does Manipuri comes from? The story behind the Manipuri silk scarves from Japan

This unique company draws its inspiration from vintage scarves. The designer of Manipuri loves vintage scarves mostly from the decades 1940-70 and track them in Europe. The search for vintage scarves is like a treasure hunt. The silk scarves are manufactured in Japan. 


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