Buy Warm-ME beanie online? The most beautiful hand knitted cashmere beanies from high quality cashmere with rhinestones or uni.

What would be winter without a high-quality non-scratch knit beanie of thick cashmere wool? Warm-ME beanies are handmade from 100% fine Mongolian cashmere. The fine hair of the cashmere goat is carefully combed out by hand and then processed into yarns of different qualities. It used the thin hair of the cashmere goat for knitting a hat.

Warm-ME beanies are individual high quality hand knitted items

Warm-ME beanies are hand knitted in Nepal. The Nepalese have a long tradition of knitting by hand: Some models are knitted by hand with needles, the majority is woven by hand on traditional wooden looms. Each Warm-ME beanie is a true piece of craftsmanship - individually and uniquely. We sell the plain-colored beanies and also the beanies with print. The knit beanies can be worn by men and women nonetheless.

The production of a Warm-ME beanie:

The cashmere yarn

For the thick knitted winter beanies the 26/2 cashmere yarn is used. For the thin summer beanies the 48/2 cashmere yarn is used.

The dyeing process

The dyeing process is done by hand, but before the yarn can be dyed, it must be knitted into a loose tissue. After the dyeing process is completed, this tissue is again separated and wound up.

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